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Mosher Jordan Hall

All students, faculty and staff—regardless of whether you’re living on or off the University of Michigan campus—should take a proactive approach to securing their residence. After all, securing your residence is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your possessions from theft and home invasion. Why? Because these are crimes of opportunity. If you take that opportunity away, you lower your risk of becoming a target. For more information, choose a topic below.

If your on-campus residence has been broken into or if items have been stolen while on campus, you can report it to us online. If you need an immediate response, please call us directly at (734) 763-1131.

For theft or home invasion off campus, please contact the Ann Arbor Police Department at (734) 994-2911.

Did You Know?The Division of Public Safety and Security offers a property registration program, which can help protect your computer, other valuable electronics and even your bike from theft.