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Tuition Equality Protest

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The U.S. Constitution provides strong protections for free speech and expression, and the University of Michigan is committed to cultivating an environment where the free exchange of opinions can flourish. The Division of Public Safety and Security (DPSS) supports the university in this commitment by working together with our community to ensure the rights and safety of all students, faculty, staff and visitors are upheld.

Together, we are committed to protecting and promoting freedom of speech and expression; however, those protections do not extend to forms of expression that interfere with the rights of others. Any demonstration or protest on U-M property that interferes with the educational function of the institution or in which violence, property damage or other unlawful behavior occurs is unlawful.

U-M has a specific policy against violence in our community:

The University is committed to maintaining an environment that is safe and free from violence and will not tolerate violent and threatening behavior. All University community members share the responsibility and are expected to maintain a climate of behavior that does not foster acts of violence, threats, and aggression.

DPSS encourages organizers to communicate with us in advance so we may better provide for the safety of participants, share important information and help ensure the success of the event.

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