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All students, faculty and staff should use Global Michigan as the central information source for health, safety and emergency preparedness information regarding international travel. A key component of this website is the Travel Registry, where students, faculty and staff can record itinerary and contact information. The registry is a convenient, one-stop service that supports emergency communications, access to travel abroad health insurance and more. Students, faculty and staff at the University of Michigan are required to register when traveling internationally for academic, business or any other university-related purpose.


Courtesy of U.S. Department of State

For your convenience, we’ve included some pertinent links to Global Michigan below:

  • U-M Travel Warnings and Restrictions: Here you’ll find a list of locations around the world where travel is not advised or U-M related travel is prohibited due to global health, safety and security concerns.
  • Health and Safety Resources: These resources can help travelers make informed pre-departure plans, mitigate the risks of international travel and take ownership of their wellness during and after their trip.
  • Travel Tips: These resources provide general travel information and tips on everything from securing official travel documents to pre-departure checklists.
  • U-M Policies: Learn more about U-M policies that apply to students, faculty and staff who are traveling abroad for purposes related to the University of Michigan.