Posters and Flipcharts

Emergency Procedures Posters

The Division of Public Safety and Security has 11" x 17" Emergency emergency poster Procedures posters to provide direction to the campus community on eight common hazards. Each one of the hazards has an associated protective action along with simple response actions. These posters are provided free of charge and should posted in areas such as large conference rooms, break rooms, large classrooms, lecture halls, or anywhere faculty / staff deem appropriate. Please contact Emergency Management to receive your free posters.

Flip Charts

Prior to the Emergency Procedures posters being developed, flip flip chart charts were the primary source of emergency information. Office and classroom areas that previously had flip charts should recycle their flip charts and replace them with the Emergency Procedures.

Flip charts are only recommended for laboratories and areas where chemical storage or handling occurs. Flip charts are provided free of charge

It is not necessary to post both Emergency Procedures and flip charts.

Please contact Emergency Management to receive free flip charts.