UM Emergency Alert

UM Emergency Alert is a mass, urgent notification system, comprised of a variety of methods by which the University can notify students, faculty and staff of an active, major campus emergency:

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  • Text messages (SMS) to cell phones
  • Voice messages to phones
  • Emails
  • Digital Signage
  • University Website
  • Twitter

When the Division of Public Safety and Security determines there is an active emergency in which the public safety of the campus may be at risk, an urgent notification through the UM Emergency Alert system will be initiated. Examples are:

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  • When a person actively shooting a weapon is on the loose
  • When a tornado or a severe thunderstorm with expected winds greater than 70 miles per hour is predicted to strike the campus area
  • When a major hazardous material spill is impacting a large portion of campus.

Localized incidents within a building (such as a small fire or hazardous material spill in a lab) probably won’t require a mass notification.

As a large multi-campus system, we require more than a single mode of notification in an emergency. UM Emergency Alert will add to the array of communication methods DPSS uses during campus emergencies, such as crime alerts, campus emails, digital signage and local news media outlets.

In order to receive these urgent notification alert messages, faculty, staff and students may register telephone or cell phone numbers and a device to receive text messages. Additionally, the University automatically will register all faculty, staff and student umich email addresses. For information on how to cancel UM Emergency Alerts, Click [here]

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