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The University of Michigan Police Department’s (UMPD) Criminal Investigation Unit is responsible for investigating major crimes such as homicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, arson, robbery and burglary. As such, our detectives are highly trained to solve a wide variety of crimes.

What we do

  • Investigate major crimes
  • Process crime scenes
  • Collect and analyze¬†forensic evidence
  • Complete investigations and submit reports to the prosecuting attorney’s office for warrant authorization and prosecution
  • Obtain arrest and search warrants
  • Prepare safety planning for victims and survivors

How we do it

Experienced UMPD officers and DPSS security officers assigned to the Criminal Investigation Unit receive additional specialized training. New detectives and investigators attend detective school, interview and interrogation school, crime scene processing and other related training to assist and prepare them for their assignment. Detectives and investigators regularly attend countywide detective and DPSS crime trend meetings. This ensures that our officers stay current, responsive and prepared.

Who we are

Lt. Paul DeRidder

(734) 763-8197